Home health nurse part time while working in hospital full-time

  1. I am new grad (6 months experience) currently working in a hospital telemetry unit full time (3, 12 hr shifts per week) and I'm thinking about starting with a HH agency part time so I can be my Grandmothers HH nurse. She presented the idea to me about a month ago because she really needs a HH nurse and does not trust anyone other than family coming into her home. My question is rather or not this is a good idea? Would I be allowed to legally care for a family member? Would working HH cause a conflict with my current job? I read through my contract and did not see anything that prohibits me working for another company at the same time. And lastly, Is the paperwork going to be way too much to deal with? I have heard horror stories about dealing with all the HH paperwork and Medicare guidelines.

    On a side note, I really do NOT love my current hospital job and I've been thinking about exploring other avenues of nursing. Possibly turning to HH as a full-time position.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    It would be easier on you and caring for your grandmother would translate more easily to doing extended care work instead of the traditional "visit" home health. The agency employer would probably not approve your assignment to a relative. I've seen something about (direct?) government reimbursements not being available to relatives in some circumstances (this would have to be followed up on). Yet I've worked on cases where relatives were receiving compensation for caring for relatives, but these people were not employed as nurses. I would call any home health agency and ask these broad questions; make your decision based upon what you are told. Lots of nurses do home health, particularly extended care, to supplement their hospital jobs. It is not uncommon.