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  1. Just wondering, if you are at a patients home and the patient family decides to call 911 due to aggressive behavior from the patient, do you as the nurse have to ride in the ambulance with the patient?
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  3. by   nurse_flo_marie
    My advice is always to check your company's policies & procedures. That being said, does your patient have aggressive behavior often? (Or is this a go-to response by the family) If a patient is a danger to himself or others, they can be "sectioned" (Section 12). The provider would write an order & the police department would assist in getting patient transported via EMS for a psych eval.

    I can't think of too many incidences where you would be required to ride with the patient - EMS is there. As a home health nurse, you can contact the ER and give them a report of what prompted the transfer.
  4. by   caliotter3
    No, you do not, unless you are directed to do so by your agency when you call to inform them what is going on. Since the family took control, your agency most likely would release you from duty as soon as you contact them, as long as they are confident you made an informed report off either to the family or to EMS personnel once they arrive.