HELP! New to HHN and sinking.... - page 4

Hello, everyone, and in advance, let me say any advice offered will be greatly appreciated. Brief history...22 years in nursing, with about 12 in ICU/ER, followed by about 10 as a Work Comp Case... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    I tried HHC a few months too and didn't have the patience for it. Went back to ICU.

    Nursing is a field where one must follow their heart and find their own personal niches.

    HHC was NOT one of my niches either, you are definitely not alone.

    I'm certain critical care will welcome you back with open arms anytime you're ready.
  2. by   Claver
    Hi Dallas RN,

    Sorry to hear the HHC did not work out for you. I have just quit that field after 4-5 years, and am concentrating more on my music - I am learning to play the piano- with all of my free time. I loved my patients - some of them were with me from the time that I started but financially it made no sense. The last straw for me was when my car got into an accident in September and was written off. There is no way that I will abuse another car in that manner. So stay cool, and look around for another job that pays a little better without so many demands.

    Good luck