Help, I need some advice and inspiration.

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    Im a new rn, and have been working in home health since labor day, I am case manager to about 15 pts. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at times. Trying to learn, and remember to do follow ups etc. Does anyone have any ideas on systems to handle this stuff?? Any sugestions would be great. I have thought about going to the hospital but I think that would be much more stressful to me. I find it hard to relax at home and not think about it. I feel like Im going to forget to do something.
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  3. by   henayneiCLNC
    What ever position you take as a new RN will be stressful - forging craft between your learned skills and the application in the work place can be stressful ... but this will pass and you will attain confidence with time and experience - you really will, honest!

    I'm sure your employer knows you are a new nurse and usually they want you to succeed as much as do you. Ask them what systems your predecessors successfully used - perhaps you will not need to recreate the wheel

    As a case manager in home health I found tickler files very helpful. Whether you set them up in actual paper files or as one set up in your computer a tickler file set up for each time sensitive task; re-auths, re-assessments, supervisory visits, etc.... and make a habit of checking the files the end of each evening and week to organize and schedule your activities, or assignments for your staff, for the next day and week.

    One way to make the tickler file is to just make a copy of the face/intake sheet and/or the order/authorization sheet and place it in a file system set up by day, week, month, depending on the intervals applicable to the situation - when the task is assigned or completed re-file the client data sheet back into the tickler system to where it will next be due...

    be creative - you have the skills to make it work for you, your clients and your employer! You'll likely get several suggestions from here and at work and from other people you know... take the best, try a few and create what works in your situation

    You GO girl!!
  4. by   pamc217
    Thank you so much for your suggestions, and encouragement. I think I may make up files for each pt i case manage. I do have a to do list that I make up each day so i can follow up on things. I worry about the pts whom i feel really shouldnt be home for safety reasons, but they have family to care for them. I know i have to care but not take it personally that they choose to live their lives they way they want, and i can only guide them and teach them.
    But I appreciate the encouragement so much, one day at a time.
  5. by   cookie102
    remember the other members of the team, bring in the MSW for those cases where you feel the patient has safety issues etc...try not to take it all on your shoulders, that is why we each have a specialty....stay organized, folder on each patient is the way to go, as soon as you do a soc, put that pt on your calendar when the recerts is due....good luck, give yourself time.!!