Excited to transition to HH

  1. Hey all!

    excited to join HH! Almost 4 yrs experience in acute Cards and 3 years as a PCT in transplant. I'm excited to get out of the hospital and into the community!

    The HH company I'm going with is owned by the large hospital system I already work for! It's very very reputable, well know. I'll be busy but in a relatively small geographical area. Actually the zip code next time my own! Orientation is 8-10 weeks, they absolutely only hire RNs with several years experience? They have triage Nurses and IV Nurses... I already met the Nurse who will orient me... she's been in HH for 30 years and I got to shadow with her as well so we spent an entire shift together.

    anyway. Just excited to join HH... I am apprehensive though because I could sense there is a decent learning curve and being so autonomous will be a change as well...

    any tips greatly appreciated or links to articles regarding success in this field of Nursing.
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  3. by   Kaisu
    It sounds like you have many of the big factors for success in place. It is key to work with a supportive and reputable agency. I cannot over-emphasize that.

    Another important thing to remember is that while you are alone in the home, you have a team behind you. Especially while new, reach out. Find mentors and go to people that you can run things by. A good agency will hire good people that will be happy to help.

    Be prepared initially to spend a LOT of time on your job. The first OASIS admission documentation took me 2 1/2 hours. EEK. (I can do one in about 40 minutes now). I spent hours in the field and then evenings and weekends catching up. It gets easier and you will be amazed at how efficient you become.

    Gut check often. If it is a good fit, you will be excited and happy to go to work. Everybody has days when work is not fun, but you should feel like what you are doing is meaningful and makes a difference.

    Good luck.