Does anyone have experience with Guardian Healthcare:Healthwise in Texas?

  1. I am just wondering if anyone has ever worked for Guardian Healthcare: Healthwise? Are they a good company? How do they treat the staff? Etc
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  3. by   jen33336
    I am wondering the same thing. Did you find anything out?
  4. by   NissaNurse
    Well I accepted the positon. So here is what I found out. Training two weeks or longer if you need it. Benefits if you go full time are pretty great( I am PRN for now) Free ceu's and online training. They provide everything you need stethscope BP cuff and more. They also provide a tablet to chart on which I am learning to use right now.Mileage reimbursment. Bonuses for good documentation and if you stay a year and more. I really like this agency and hope to stay with them for a very long time. They have made me feel like a nurse again.
  5. by   jen33336
    Thank you so much for the prompt response. I will be interviewing with the Hixson, TN location. I am glad to hear you have had a positive experience so far!
  6. by   nolanurse504
    nissanurse, i am interested to see if you are still enjoying your job at guardian home health? i am interviewing with them and have a few questions for you if you wouldn't mind. will you please send me your email address so i can message you? thank you very much.
  7. by   NissaNurse
    Well come end of March I will have been with Guardian for a year an still loving it. I will have to take maternity leave in April an after I come back hoping to transfer to office that is a little closer to my home but I don't see myself leaving this agency anytime soon. They treat the employees great. I get oncall pay paid extra for holidays, mileage, paid for going to case conference. I can sit at home an do chart reviews an get paid for them. Plus benefits. Been doing home health since 2008 an this past year with Guardian has to be the best an happiest time I have ever had in home health.
  8. by   markddown
    Hi, I know this post is already more than 4 years ago, but I don't see any updates as to how GHP operates and handles nurses by this time. Does anyone can provide any update on this?