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  1. So I have a pt who has different agencies for nursing, be it RN, LPN or caregivers, for services. As of the last day or so, the other service that provided regular nursing services for her, fired her nurse (we only go in every 90 days). This pt has some things going on that really SHOULD have been addressed by her other nurse and tended to already. My big question is, since we are technically the only nurse in there at the moment(I'm sure the other agency will provide a new nurse), is it going over by calling her primary and letting them know what is going on, and that she should be seen sooner than her scheduled apt that is in December? It's not anything that requires the ED, but she should probably have a CBC, BNP ect much sooner rather than later. Thanks guys! BTW I'm new to the home health care field too, I'm used to having a doctor either there to confer with immediately, or within the immediate future!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Which doctor signs off on your plan of care (485)? Usually each agency has it's own plan of care to ensure reimbursement by insurance. Check with your clinical supervisor for guidance in this situation. Your clinical supervisor/manager needs to be made aware of the situation ASAP.