Decided to go back...

  1. Since I have left the ICU program, I have been unable to find another job in a hospital. This probably due to the fact that there is an epidemic of SARS.

    I'm only going back temporarily. Until I decide what I want to do. I will like to work on a cardiology/telemetry floor. I might try the ICU again later on down the road.

    I went to my community agency office today. They handed me the orientation package and expect me to read over all the material. They really are desparate for nurses. I worked with them before, so they know me.

    I just hope I not making a mistake by doing. I feel unsure right now. I rather work in the hospital. At least I would not have deal with SARS.

    I enjoy teaching and spending time one on one with a patient.

    Any ideas of how to succeed working in the community?

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