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  1. I have just admitted a new patient to home health, and find that there is a good posibility that there will be some very foreign (to me) cultural barriers that will affect her care. I have spent hours searching for a good sight that would address this issue. I really want to learn as much as I can, as she will have many issues to attend to. Does anyone know of a good source of information on cultural issues for health care providers?? Sure would appreciate the help. Thanks...
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Check out Click on the case studies area. This site was created by Victor and Kathy Fernandez, both Critical Care RNs, who have worked and volunteered around the world.

    Transcultural and Multicultural Health Links -created by a librarian, Ellen Bosman of Indiana University Northwest to help nursing students.

    These are must visit sites for all nurses.

    Hope you find what you need. Karen
  4. by   nicola
    What culture does she identify with? There may be some of us here who could help you...

    I've also found that talking to my patients and asking frank and sincere questions often lead to great discussions and mutual learning. My favorite opening is, "You have a really pretty name. Does it have a meaning?"
  5. by   butterfly831
    Thanks for your reply. The patient and family are from the tutsi tribe in Rwanda. I have done many searches, checking all over the internet, and have found little information about actual culture as related to home health, and terminal illness. I have done a lot of interesting reading, however, regarding living conditions, the various religions, and the turmoil that their country has endured. The patient and family does speak English but it is very difficult at times for communication as their English, while amazing considering their circumstance, is limited. But, as one family member stated, "we have difference, but we are the same in our heart".