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Hi! I am new to this website and it seems like a wonderful place to get advice. I am getting ready to return to work after staying home with my kids for a year and I am nervous about choosing the... Read More

  1. by   SmittyLPN
    I just want to thank everyone who posted on this thread. I appreciate your input and your suggestions. I spoke with the HH agency one last time today to clarify hours, benefits, etc and they had already dropped the number of visits to 15 instead of 20 and said it may go down from there. I have decided not to pursue this right now. Perhaps once both of my kids are in school and daycare is not an issue I will look into HH again. But for now it's back to clinic (and corporate) life for me. I will miss all the extra time with my kids but at least I'll be able to afford all of their sports and school activities now . Thanks again for all of your help!!
  2. by   rancin98
    Our agency pays approx. $30/visit for LVN's. Mileage is 0.50cents/mile, and yes it can add up quickly.
  3. by   mailnurse1995
    It sounds like the agency you're talking to provides Medicaid waiver services. These are services that are not skilled. Basically it is mostly aides helping give showers, light cleaning around the house. On top of that the patients get visits from a nurse for routine monitoring of the patients' conditions. (I should say that this is from what I understand. I work for a Medicare certified home health agency in MI and we refer a substantial number to the local Medicaid waiver program.) Good luck!
  4. by   CooperNurseRN
    I have to tell you that I think you are not getting a competitive offer. I realize that rates of pay do vary depending on the region. However, your offer seems really low. My advice would be to conduct a salary survey. Go to and find out the rate of pay for your area. That websight isn't always correct but it will let you know if they are even close to what you should be paid.
  5. by   nursemarion
    Her description of visits sounds like Medicare, not waiver or supervisory visits which are very low paying at least in my area. I hate to say it, I know it is too late, but I would have taken the position. I think they were looking at easy visits plus travel which would have averaged $13.50 an hour and yes, it is fun. I have been in home health since 1988, and our LPN gets the easier visits that are not as stressful or as involved as the RNs. She never takes call, and has little paperwork. I would love to be an LPN in home health. $13.50 an hour is not bad pay in my area for an LPN. You have to consider what her needs are, and with kids sometimes you have to make sacrifices to have a good life as a mom. Plus, she could always supplement her pay with other work. The travel is both a blessing and a curse, especially in the winter. I think it sounds like a nice little job, and a foot in the door to future opportunities.