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    say you have a current client coming out of hospital and your nurse does a ROC with new DX of hyperkalemia, ESRD with Dialysis, new peritoneal dialysis tube, with previous dx of copd, htn and cad. First question is can you use esrd code 585.6 in home care? Also, I've been told that I cannot code ANYTHING to code related to dialysis, IE HTN, fluid status etc etc. Help anyone?
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  3. by   KateRN1
    Hypertensive chronic kidney disease is 403.90. You cannot include in your plan of care anything that is covered under the Medicare Hemodialysis benefit--diet education, fluid status education, or medication education for meds directly attributable to ESRD. You cannot code v-codes for dialysis, but you must document the presence of the peritoneal catheter. You should not include wound care to an A-V graft or the peritoneal dialysis catheter site.

    You can code everything else as it relates to the patient, including CAD, COPD, and whatever else.
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