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Hi, as a newly appointed moderator, I want to live this forum up a bit. I just resigned my position as a HH supervisor, to go back to the field. I have been a nurse 20 years, 17 in critical care,... Read More

  1. by   medcare
    You are right home health care paperwork is horrendous, but I have figured out a solution for that... Any home health care nurses in Houston, TX? I am currently a home health care owner/RN and have been up and running for a little over two years. The problem I am having is finding good, quality nurses who are willing to perform those visits. I am getting ready to fire the second-round... *sigh* I have made jobs easier by implementing electronic notes (yes, I developed it)- heck, they can even work on and email them from home after making dinner for their family - BUT STILL, I get error ridden documentation and there is so much complaining about too many visits.(when really, there isn't) I am a small agency with about 6 full time office staff - I have 2 RN's and an LVN and, AT the MOST, perform 25 visits each per week. What gives? Maybe I just haven't found the right TEAM - I am holding out hope, but frustrated. Any ideas?
  2. by   mcdonaldlass
    I have done HH/private duty for most of my 15+ years as an LPN. Wound care, Vents., Med/Surg........have seen alot. Lost a few, due to the disease process of course. Would I still do this if I was still starting out? Of course.
  3. by   titamel
    Hello to all,
    I am currently working in home care and would not have it any other way. I am an online student working towards my BSN and I have never had as much fun in school as I am having right now.
    I got to this site by mistake, I thought, but I am certainly glad I stumbled upon it.
  4. by   titamel
    I have been in home care for the past eight years. We currently require nurses to make at least 20-25 visits per week, with admissions counting as one visit. We don't normally get paid for mileage uless we travel outside of our normal area. If nurses are not able to maintain the required visits, their benefits may be taken away. Hope I helped.
  5. by   titamel
    What was your solution for the amount of paperwork we do? Another thing, a friend of mine is starting up a home are agency and I am trying to help her with the needed paperwork. Can you suggest any resources that can tell me what forms are needed to get started and if they should be in duplicate, triplicate or single. I need all the help I can get. We are trying to get ready for Medicare to come in and survey us to make sure we have everything in order. Thank You.
  6. by   dnursehoutx
    I am also a home health nurse I work per diem for two agencies, I wanted more flexability and was afraid of full time, I have been doing this now for 10 months and I love it, I see anywhere from 6-8 pts a day I try to do most of my paperwork the night before and have everything ready to see each patient, I am able to pick my children up every day and have the time I need with my family. It has been a great move from hospital to home health.
  7. by   PCA RN
    PROS: patient relationships, not being inside 4 walls all day, taking extra time or less time at lunch, being on your own
    CONS: OASIS, OASIS, OASIS!!! (paperwork), not enough time with family
  8. by   theuncreativechic
    Hi, I am an LVN going for my RN working in home health for only about 3 months.. I am still learning. It's alot different than the hospital or nursing home... I love it though!
  9. by   HomeRN
    I am a Home Health Nurse and have been for 8 years. I started straight out of nursing school in a Neuro/Med/Surg unit at a local hospital. After 8 years of shift work and horrendous hours with no encouragement :angryfire I moved on to work as a Unit Manager in a local nursing home. That led to being an MDS Coordinator (something similar to an OASIS but for NHs). Corporate take over ended that career which led me to Home Health and I have been here since (for 8 years now). I don't ever plan to go back to a facility if I can help it. There is nothing like interactin with a patient and their families/caregivers in their own world.
    HomeRN and loving it.
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome to all our new forum members....been little absent here due to family members minor illness, short staff due retirement & bb volume posts.

    Great to meet others across the country and share passion for homecare!
  11. by   Nikkinu
    Hi! I just stumbled onto this list tonight, and I'm thrilled! I was in pedi Home Health in Houston for years, before moving to the wilds of Eastern Kentucky. Now I do adults and the random synagis baby. I've been here and doing adult HH for four years and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it! And of course, the worse part of the transition was the dreaded OASIS.
    To address some of the threads, I'm hospital associated and we're paid hourly and currently at .40/mile. We do our own admissions and recerts, but we don't case manage (officially) and we see about 8 patients a day, with admission, recerts, and ROC's counting as 2. Unless someone calls in or has a day off - then it's 9 or 10 a day. We average about 100 miles a day. Most of our directions involve things like "...turn left and go through the creek...", and the one that always worries me "...go 0.8 miles past where the road ends...".
    Seriously though, this is my 25th year in nursing, and even though I'll *always* miss peds, HH is the best.
    I look forward to reading more of everyones comments...
  12. by   kyfla
    Hi, I'm a LPN, who is new to HH. I retired early in 2000, and since then have done prn work with agency(yuck) visited a lot of nursing homes, etc. I have just started working HH @ a hospital close by; I'm only 2 months into, but so far I love it. I live in Florida in the winters & Kentucky in the summer. I don't know if I will try to pick up HH in Ky or not, I'm not sure if they hire LPNs for HH in KY! I feel like I'm learning lots of new things which is exciting....& I don't have to do OASIS:hatparty: I've also just started a Spanish class for Health Care ..But I don't do any pediatrics, there are few in my area and I just never did care for pediatrics.
  13. by   Nikkinu
    Be glad you're not in Kentucky right now - the snow is still falling! Thankfully, not much is sticking, but I'll have the gas guzzling jeep out this week, for sure! At our HHA in Eastern Kentucky we use LPN's, and love working with them. There doesn't seem to be as much peds here as we had in Texas - all I did there was peds. I don't know if it's because of the difference in Medicaid funding or some other reason. We had to beg and plead to get weekly visits for a 6 month old with CF and GERD with weight loss.