Best EMR for Small HHA to Use

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I run a small home health care agency and I'm in the process of looking new EMRs to possibly switch to. We used our own custom solution until last year and then opted to move to a system called Faster Notes. Their system is not as developed as we need especially when it comes to documenting in the field.

    Here's a list of EMRs we've looked at so far:

    - Alora
    - Bright Tree
    - Axcess
    - Healthcare First
    - Igea

    We're also considering looking at:

    - AllScripts
    - McKesson
    - Kinnser

    Do you have a software that you like to use either from what I've already mentioned or something I have not included?

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  3. by   leannarn
    Love AXXESS! Easy to use, can use on any smart phone!
  4. by   Amarillo1963
    McKesson is cumbersome and has to be built by your agency--you literally get nothing but the shell. I would recommend finding out what your local hospital uses. My current agency will start using EPIC in late 2017/2018--I should mention the doctor's offices and the hospitals in the area use EPIC.
  5. by   grateful_RN
    I like axxess, very easy to use!
  6. by   iSurvivor
    Love Kinnser. I've seen the Mckesson format and it was extremely confusing.
  7. by   rachelb29
    I've heard good things about Homecare Homebase.