Anyone else thinking of leaving home health?

  1. Hi all,
    I've been in HHN for 2 years. I love the flexibility, teaching, and the rewards I get from helping my patients, but there are some things I am getting tired of. Things like being in and out of cold, rainy weather, and just running around all of the time is getting to me. Sometimes you go to admit a patient get everything together to prepare and find out you can't admit for some reason, or you get an IV patient who has been sent home but the pharmacy will not get to their house until 7 or 8 that night among many other things in HH that make it hard to do our jobs sometimes.Then we have the patients who we, the nurses, are on their time, who I might add are supposed to be home bound anyway. I'm sorry, just needed to vent. I have an interview with my county for a public health position, where i may have to go out sometimes but that I don't mind. Its a state job, all the state and federal holidays off, no on call weekends or holidays, Mon-Fri 8-5. If they offer I will accept. Just wondering if any other HHN out there are getting tired of it.
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  3. by   Marilyn001
    In response to your leaving home health for a job with the Health Dept - sounds good to me - I love home health until I get my assignment or have to work a weekend and call. It is going to become more difficult with the new regulations for 2007 where the agency gets paid for performance. More paper work I suspect - One of our supervisors heard of another agency who requires at the time of admission we tell the patient to call the on call nurse that night just to reinforce the 24 hour service. In addition to that if the patient does not call the on call nurse will call them. This is to prevent the frequent flyers to the ER . I do not see how this will prevent the patients who usually call all weekend and nights with c/o chest pain and n/v and are non compliant with diet and meds from going to the ER. But I do see how this is going to tax the already overly taxed on call nurse who works full time and is required to work weekends and on call.
  4. by   berlowd
    I want to get out of home health. Unfortunately it is really not working out for me and I am doing a bad job. Would you know by any chance how references work. I don't have anybody to give me a good reference. Can they give me a bad reference? Anyway if you can help let me know. thanks
  5. by   camrave
    Hi berlowd, I sent you a pm. Hope it helps.
  6. by   Traveler
    After doing home health for six years for two different agencies I just turned in my 30 day notice last Friday with mixed feelings. I am burned out and I don't want my patient care to suffer, ever, because of it. I have always taken excellent care of my patients and been the most productive nurse in the office. I have just reached the end. The paperwork is tremendous. I am tired of taking it home night after night. We are required to do our own coding and I sit and look through the coding books and do my best to get a case mix on any patient that I can to increase reimbursement. I try to do the best job I can. Problem is, I don't feel like this is recognized or appreciated. During the time I worked in hh I went back to school and earned my BSN and am now working toward my MSN with a focus in education all on my nickel. The company did not even recognize that I did any of this. The CWOCN certification has interested me and I asked if the co. would support me in getting this (it would benefit the co. greatly) and I was turned down flat. I feel like there is no upward or even lateral mobility with my company and I'm sure not recognized for the job I do right now. I'm also getting so so tired of hearing about everyone's ailments and having to go through all of the cabinets in the house to get all of the meds together. I'm tired of getting wet, cold, jumped on by dogs, chased by roosters, having to watch for meth labs, etc. I'm tired of 6 years of one week on call a month and having to go out at all hours to strange places. I may go back to hh one day and I have some wonderful memories of it. I am such a better nurse clinically because of home health. My assessment skills are superb now and the way I interact with patients has changed because of home health. I need to get out now before my memories become bitter.
  7. by   Jo Dirt
    I've been in HH the last 7 months and I'm ready to get out (though I would like to get out of nursing altogether, I'm just burned out and somewhat cynical, anymore).
    I have been planning to give my "notice" for about the last two months but for some reason I can't bring myself to do it just yet. I am trying to appreciate the things I know I won't have at another job, like the flexibility and fair amount of autonomy. I don't really mind the paperwork, either.
    But the endless driving (I don't know how my driving time is compared to other HH nurses', but I go 1,000 to 1,500 miles every ten days) is starting to get to me. I was within an inch of calling it quits over an incident that happened yesterday: last Friday I was sent to a patients home to get lab work. The lab called Monday and said one of the glass tubes broke and it would need to be redone. Well, I went yesterday and collected a second specimen (1.5 hour trip from my house) and when I took it to the lab they told me they can't accept the glass tubes, anymore and gave me a plastic tube they would accept. I was ready to spit fire at the thought of having to go back out to that lady's house. I took the lab work out to my car and switched tubes.
    It's things like that (which is not uncommon) that make me wonder if it is really worth it.
    Also, when you punch in a clock, you know when you have punched out you are DONE for the time being. The way our HH agency works, is you are really never done, you can get a phone call or be called out to do an admission or resumption of care at any time, weekend, holiday, day or night.

    At the same time I remember why I was drawn to HH. I hate being cooped up somewhere for 12+ hrs. at a time.

    I'm just tired and burned out, I guess.
  8. by   CseMgr1
    I hear you guys. I gave up on HH for good this past summer afer being in it in some shape, fashion or form for almost 19 years. Like many of you, I was first drawn to it after being burned out in hospital nursing. I loved the autonomy, building relationships with my patients and their families and being able to provide a decent living for me and my son. Then DRG's kicked in and it was downhill from there. You can't do quality care when you are expected to complete 10-12 visits a day along with the paperwork that goes along with it. And, this pay-for-performace nonsense will only serve to give providers another means of sucking the life out of its nurses.

    I am just SO thankful that I don't have to work in the Clinical area anymore. God bless and keep those of you who do.
  9. by   camrave
    What a relief, I thought I was the only one that felt this way. I had my interview with the local health department almost 4 weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet. The whole hiring process takes entirely too long here and dumb me was so eager to get out of HHN that i quit my job right after my interview thinking I would hear something sooner. I know stupid, right. I was just stressed physically and mentally and on top of all of that I was dx with MS last Fri. Well now I'm broke and Christmas is coming so I started a a job with a different HHA but its a per diem position and I can work how much or how little I want and the agency itself a good place to work, the nurses seem happy and the supervisors are really supportive. Its different from the previous HHA I was with. The nurses don't take call, there are 3 supervisors that rotate call. They only call us if absolutely necessary and we only do as many visits as we want for salary i think their productivity is 5 or 6 visits a day. I am praying that I hear from the health dept soon! I need the money right now so I have to do what i have to do but in case I don't get the job with the health dept I'm definitely getting out of home health! Good luck to all of you.
  10. by   berlowd
    I cannot believe how far you have to drive. I would never be able to handle it. I am on the brink of getting fired for a messed up moch survey and other mistakes. I am looking for another job. I don't want to get fired.
  11. by   berlowd
    I cannot believe how far you have to drive. that is insane.
  12. by   berlowd
    totally understand what you are talking about. all the best to you.l