Anyone do VA Home Based Primary Care?

  1. Does anyone work for V.A. in Home Based Primary Care? How does it differ from regular home health visits done under Medicare PPS or other insurances? Is it offered in select areas only? How does the VA pay their nurses-per visit? Per hour? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
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  3. by   tweetsLPN
    through my home health care agency I see VA fee based cases...anything from wound care to care of a quad, they authorize the the number of hours authorized per cert period
    they pay the agency who inturn pays me the only problem that I am finding with the whole VA system is that every diagnosis is the same on paper but when you actually see the patient they all have individual needs some require 1 hour of care where others require more they don't want to budge and auth more time. I was informed by our VA liason today that they are hurting too in these times and are looking for services to cut

    wish I had more info to offer
  4. by   CooperNurseRN
    I think the VA Home Based Primary Care is a relatively new program. My agency also sees VA patients that are on a contract basis with the VA. The VA's program is probably an hourly position and is going to be regional. They are going to outsource those patients who live in areas that are outside their coverage area to other home health agencies. I think it will be interesting to see how successful they are. I know they have Health Buddy telehealth which is also what my agency uses. They have all modules, I think..which are DM, COPD, and CHF. Recently, I spoke to a social worker about the VA and told that they deal with quite a bit of psych issues in the home based program. I know that the VA is big on following the standards of care and working with clinical guidelines so I would be those things would be incorporated into their delivery of care. The vets I've dealt with in my own agency have been pretty high acuity patients, ie wound care, DM. We tend to have a some difficulty getting things like home PT, OT, ST approved and I'm sure it's due to the expense.
  5. by   AnnemRN
    in my area, home based primary care is paid hourly. the nurses are available 6 days a week and work with their own nurse practioners. the va has a medical director who is also involved.
    it is difficult to find openings though.