1. Hi All:

    I have picked up a new patient who has ALS that I am going to case manage. I've consulted PT and OT to visit him and his wife; he is already seriously disabled, and his home is not handicap accessible or adapted. I'm also planning to find out if there is an ALS support group or organization in our area.

    Do any of you know if lift chairs (the electric chairs that raise you from sitting to standing) are partially or completely paid for by insurance for someone like this? Do you think a lift chair would fit under the category of durable medical, like a hospital bed, w/c, walker, shower chair or elevated toilet seat?

    I'm planning to get him some Heelbos and a pressure relieving mattress and chair pad, as well. Any recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   RNConnieF
    Medicare may pay for the chair, it does in some cases. Most insurance co. won't pay for durable medical equipment. Contact your local office of Americans With Disabilities, usually through your local congress person. They have referral numbers, providers, and can help you navigate the insurance. In some cases they can get contracts for home modifications for wheelchairs. Good Luck!
  4. by   RoAbreu
    Thank you for the info; I just found today that HCFA has lowered the wait time for ALS patients getting on Medicare, and that is something I can pass along to my patient and his wife. I am learning along with them; it looks to be a sad journey. We have already discussed the possibility of hospice and palliative care at some point; just want him to have as much quality of life as possible.