Advice and tips on completing Time Cards, Flowsheets, and Daily Summary's.

  1. Slipped thru the back door, caregiver by necessity is the best way I can describe my situation. I have been a Licensed Offshore Boat Captain prior to this. An elderly father re-directed my path for the moment. Dad is 79 years old and his wife passed away a couple years ago so he was out of state and living alone. I am the youngest of his three sons, and the only one who put in the effort to maintain a relationship with him over the years.
    The sound of depression and fear was evident in his voice so I immediately told him "I got you pop, I want you to come live with me and I'm coming to get you." Health was fair and independence was strong upon arrival to my home. Both declined in the past two years to a level that requires 24 hour care.
    There really was no choice in my mind so I gave up the sea to take care of him for past year and a half. It has become necessary for him to file his claim on long-term care policy and it kind of made sense to get me approved as his caregiver. I did all that was required of me to get approved by insurance company. Problem is I am totally unfamiliar with paperwork and insurance company refuses to provide assistance or completed samples for guides. The logic behind that policy completely eludes me. They are allowing back dating to his approval date, which means I have a lot of weeks to complete. I feel that it could all be rejected and returned without pay or instructions repeatedly til submitted correctly.
    Sure could use some help if any of you can spare a little time to teach this dog a few new tricks. Thanks
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  3. by   tewdles
    I wish I could help you...
    have you asked the staff at the MD office for some insight?
    good luck to you...!
  4. by   I<3H2O
    Have they given you the information that you need "time cards, Flowsheets, and Daily summaries"? How would a lay person be able to chart Flowsheets? Flow sheets are typically the assessment of the patient, orientation, heart rate/rhythm, lung sounds, etc. I would start with hourly charting. 0700: Assisted dad out of bed and into kitchen for breakfast. 0800: To bathroom for shower. Etc. It sounds like they are used to having a nurse as the care provider and are going to make it difficult for the layperson to get paid for this job.