60 visits a week quota ?? sound possible? - page 3

Ive been offered a job with a home care agency to do sixty visits a week per their quota. It will be for a RN case manager with mix of mostly med admins, SOCs, recerts, transfers and discharges. ...... Read More

  1. by   tewdles
    Just say NO...
    it is not safe
    it is not common practice
    it is not evidence based
    it is not recommended by any national organization addressing home health nursing

  2. by   propRNurse
    It sounds like the reason for the high number of visits is that you were doing a mixture of behavior health med admins and regular medical hh patients. CT is not like other states with regards to HH. Medicaid in CT pays for behavioral health pts to get BID med admins. Often these meds are pre-poured and are in a lock box in the patient's homes with only nurses having keys. Some pts can not be trusted with the box so nurses are carrying the pre-poured meds to them. I worked for a large agency in CT that did both med and bh...I was full time salaried as a medical case manager and saw my wound pts and hip replacements etc m-f 8-4pm ... early am, evenings and weekends i did the bid med admins on a per diem pay schedule and would easily see 12+ pts a day. Most of the behavioral health pts are in group homes, shelters, or live in very close proximity to each other... full physical assessments are not done twice a day so a typical visit is relatively quick, particularly if pts are all in the same building.... it is not easy to see that many pts in a day but it is doable, depending on how ambitious you are.... i did it for a year and decided that was enough for me... the money is incredible but you do questions some days what it is you are working for since you never see your family etc... its a judgement call really as to whether you are capable of it or not.