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Hi all! I currently work as a nurse doing nights full-time. I've been a nurse for about 6.5 years and doing nights for 5 years now.  Part of me really wants to switch to a day shift position not only for my health (reading the negative health effects of night shift work long-term online scares me a little), but mainly for a healthy baby/pregnancy as well. My fiance and I plan on trying to conceive our first baby after we get married in August.  My current job we are losing some night nurses, so we will probably be short-staffed on nights for a while.. I don't think I'll be able to go to day shift for a while because of it. I'm considering staying with my company, but doing home health nursing instead.  I've been trying to do research on home health nursing to see if I'll like it, but just wondering what your guys' thoughts or experiences are? The one thing I'm afraid of is having to work in homes of smokers or driving to unsafe areas.. I'm not sure if I should just stick it out in my current job - I'll most likely go to part time once the baby is born, but just trying to think ahead and think what would be best?

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