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Home health nursing now

Any of you seasoned folks have any idea what will happen on home health nursing under the new president?

meanmaryjean specializes in NICU, ICU, PICU, Academia.

Helpful thought: He probably doesn't know either! I wouldn't stew about it.

The thing that worries me is that he is going to repeal the ACA and do medicaid cuts. I'm just wondering how will this affect us home health nurses. Will we lose our jobs? get pay cuts?

msteeleart specializes in Psych/med surg.

I am an RN case manager and I have already had a pay cut. If I have over 25 visits a week, I only get paid LPN rate for those visits but we are required to do more work. The LPNs are allowed more visits than the RNs where I work so they make more money. The LPNs also get paid for travel time and the RNs do not. The RNs have to go out and do resumptions on their day off, LPNs don't even have to answer the phone. If I do a blood draw and have to take it to the lab, I only get paid for 1 visit and no travel time. I do not get mileage at all. Sometimes I sit there doing computer work for hours at night and it just keeps increasing. I really like the autonomy but I am ready for a job where I can be off and if I have to work I get holiday pay. I do not get tuition reimbursement and have to pay for my own training when I need it. I just finished my MSN in September and I feel I deserve better for all the hard work I did for the degree. When I started back in 2015, the job was great and the money was awesome but it just gets worse as time goes on.


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