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Home Health Nursing... what is it like??


Good morning! :coollook: I have an interview for a PRN Home Health job. I have not worked in Home Health before. I have a year of exp. between Acute Care and Pediatrics. I got thinking... I have not done a code before... if my pat. codes, I am not sure what to do on my own! UGH! :eek: What's the best way to prepare for that (it looks pretty likely I will get the job). Any other pointers for working in Home Health??

THANKS! :nurse:

Basically, if a patient codes or has any type of serious problem, you call 911 and take action. If respiratory distress or ventilator malfunctioning, for instance, you bag the patient til the EMTs arrive. Always review 911 procedures in you mind, locate emergency equipment in the home, such as oxygen and an ambu bag; do 911 procedure education with the family. You can find a wealth of info about home health in the home health forum.