Home Health Nurse as a Helping Hand for the Pakistani Nation

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Home Health Nurse as a Helping Hand for the Pakistani Nation

Unfortunately, in some countries (most precisely third-world countries), they are still striving for basic health care in their countries. In Pakistan, the Health care delivery system is compromising on its own like poor infrastructure, shortage of medicines and medical appliances, overloaded hospitals, lack of health education, expensive health costs, and many hospitals and clinics are functioning without licenses and without medical experts. Unsafe practices can be observed in some health institutions and all contribute to low-quality care for the individual, especially those unable to afford private medical institutions that provide high-quality care. The Pakistani population is suffering from multiple disease burdens, and many times it happens that people have to sell out their all property just to get proper treatment, particularly people living in rural areas of Pakistan. On the other hand, Pandemic COVID 19 taught us about distance learning and support. In Pakistan, the use of technologies to get medical help on their doorstep can be seen on a small scale. It is time to work efficiently with technologies in Rural, Urban-Rural and Urban areas of Pakistan to make it possible that health is for all without discrimination. Pakistani people have a huge heart to help others, and it was clearly visible during Covid-19, the way small agencies come closer and help needy people no matter at home, community or in hospitals. Each gave their input to support humanity. Home health care gives the opportunity to work closely and effectively.

In Pakistan, the shortage of nurses and the improper ratio of health care providers and patients can be resolved by putting efforts into home health care by using technologies. In the western world, nurses enjoy different roles in the setting like; Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners in Home Health, and so on. By this, quality care can be provided to each individual. Pakistani Nurses can practice different roles as seen in the western world. It will give a new direction to the nursing profession in Pakistan to explore home health services, and also, nursing students can build up their understanding of home health nursing in order to improve the health care delivery system of Pakistan. Pakistan is working to produce nurse practitioners in Pakistan, so home health nurse practitioners and specialization can work as a helping hand to the nation.

Benefits of Home Health Care

There are a number of benefits of home health care; the individual and national levels.

Individual level

  • A person can get medical help in their own comfort zone.
  • Family involvement in patient care.
  • Health education becomes common.
  • Reduction in hospital visits.
  • Cost-effective in terms of transportation.
  • Traveling and waiting time are also saved.
  • Decreased chances of cross infections from a health care provider and patient.
  • High-quality care with expert advice.
  • Personalized attention
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach

National Level

  • Reduction in burdens on hospitals.
  • Reduction in disease loads from population and can work effectively on preventive measures.
  • Studies suggest that older people are living longer, so it can be helpful for them to provide quality health care and quality life.
  • Coordination and collaboration of each health industry with each other’s to support the government.
  • Mortality and morbidity rates in Pakistan can be reduced by providing specialized care to their doorsteps.
  • A healthy nation can contribute to its country's name and fame.

All in all, this will bring direction towards the need to invest in the health care delivery system in Pakistan to support home health care to people and reduce the burdens from traditional health agencies that are hospitals in order to facilitate quality health care. 

Nadia Mushtaq has 9 years experience and specializes in RN, RM, BScN, MScN student.

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Specializes in NICU.
On 8/4/2022 at 7:11 AM, Nadia Mushtaq said:

Unfortunately, in some countries (most precisely third-world countries), they are still striving for basic health care

I got newsflash for you,this is happening NOW in this country USA,and no one can do anything about it.A well known top tier hospital lets a patient go home after major surgery ,to a home with stairs, she can not ambulate,no shower,no stove,some alcoholic relative moochers live there who do not help.Patient has vns maybe weekly,and she does nothing about referring patient,who is helpless.this is now 2022!Last we heard patient had incontinence and was laying in soiled clothing.

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