Home Health Industry


Ok, so it's official: I'm stunned. I've just recently been researching what all the talk/noise is about 'home health'. I have noticed that nursing home populations are declining- which makes no sense.

Then, I read the CMS guidelines for Medicare- covered home health care. Wow. Skilled care consists of care that is required 'less than 7 days per week', and 'no more than 8 hours per day'. No WONDER I see fly by night agencies popping up all over. I thought a patient couldn't need more than an hour a day of skilled care/observation??

Also, the regs state that the agencies are paid one flat rate sum, per 60 days of service?

If that is the case, I can see a lot of agencies making a boatload of $, then simply closing their doors, without paying staff back pay. It happened to me in the 1980's, twice.

Wow. The monster has been set loose. The reason I'm so amazed is that so many agencies have improper garmmar in their ads and websites (obviously no medical background), that it peaked my curiosity. Now- I have to find out how to open MY own agency, and employ myself? Anyone have any suggestions?