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I went into the projects the other day to see an elderly woman. Lots of peripheral drug activity in the neighborhood. Got into her apt, and two younger woman were kind of "flopped " down on the couches, and I must say they did look drunk. As I took the pt's BP, one of them asked me to check her pressure. I said sure as soon as I am done here.

So, when I was done, I went over, and as I was wrapping the cuff on her arm, wondering why a young woman like herself was worried about her pressure, I asked, "Are you high?"

Her eyes bugged out of her head and she said, "Excuse me?!" I thought for a minute, then realized what I did, "I mean your pressure! Does your pressure run high!!" Then we all had a good laugh! They must have thought I was nuts!


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Hey Magaret! Sounds like a "Freudian Slip". It kind of reminds me of the football scene in the movie M*A*S*H where "Hot Lips" is cheering "Kick their b----" or something to that effect. (You get my drift). Take care and be safe.


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I can add to that! HH nurse x 7years!

I had a patient, retired military, CVA and aphasic, but somewhat active. He only spoke when I was around. He had only a 25% ejection factor so his heart rate occasionally dipped into the 30's. As soon as I would get there and call the doctor his heart rate would pick up. After several visits, I became very close to him and his wife. They were also fairly young (mid-50's). His wife finally just called the office and asked for me to come see him when his rate would drop because, "I think Jim just likes her to get close to him, his heart rate always goes up after she listens to his heart."

Although he didn't speak much, he roared with laughter, so hard tears rolled down his cheeks and so did I. He also blushed terribly. He and his wife became very close to me. His heart rate always went up in the 60-70 range. Eventually the doctor even jokingly would call the agency and ask for me to go see him. LOL

I do miss my former pts in home health. It did bring the spirit back to nursing for me as a staff nurse/case manager, but after being in admin after PPS, I burned out and went back to the hospital.


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Hey Lisa, sounds like you are good medicine!

I do get your drift male rn! LOL!


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I am a follower of the Dr. Patch Adams medicine theory. Laughter is the best medicine! I'm just glad I can laugh again.

Sounds like you know your stuff too. Keep up the good work in home health and don't let the corporate @#$%er's et to you like they did me.

Lisa (rebelRN):D

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