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Home Health Compensation Question...


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Interviewed 2 weeks ago with a local home health company...i received a call from HR, and they offered me the following...

$65 initial visit

$35 regular visit

$40 recert

in the interview, the director mentioned $60/month cell phone allowance (to use your own cell phone for business use), and .40 cents a mile for mileage. these weren't mentioned.

Also, they require 2 weekends a month, and after hours "call"...

but doesn't mention pay for "call"

Is this normal? I've been in hospital nursing for years, but I guess if it isn't in writing, you don't get paid for it....Is it reasonable to expect call pay if on call? Also, this is a per diem position.

Thank you for your help. This is a HHA that didn't give any indication of potential salary upon my interview....they kept asking if I was interested, but then didn't even give an indication of even entry level pay.


I live in NJ and have been in HH for almost 10 years. The per diem rates you mentioned are pretty much in sync with out per diem rates here, We have mileage reinbursement of I think 42 cents per mile over 12 miles daily...there is payment for oncall....which here is $50 per day then extra if you have to see clients....$100 per day if a holiday. Our agency has 2 regular on call nurses that rotate their days working so we rarely have to do on call ourselves.

Hope this helps


AtlantaRN, RN

Specializes in Med Surg, Hospice, Home Health. Has 13 years experience.

Thank you! I emailed the HR person, about mileage .42/mile, and the person mentioned a $60/month stipend for cell phone....she emailed me back saying she would get with supervisor about the stipend...said that was usually for part time and full time employees.

Thanks again! it's been 10 yrs since I've done HH, that I had no idea what to expect or what would be reasonable.


youre welcome...our agency provides us with cell phones to use and a fax machine to decrease trips into the office...

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