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Are there any other H.H.A.'s or C.N.A.'s out there who are doing home health care work for a facility that doesn't seem to have the scheduling/information together? I am currently waiting to take my C.N.A. test in July and was lucky enough to secure employment (or so I thought) with a small company where I live. But, when I applied and interviewed, I was very, very upfront about my old vehicle, my full course load in the fall, etc., etc., and I was assured that they would work with me.....well. Since I have accepted employment, I have been given clients who are an hour's drive away, or, if the client is local, they will call me back and tell me that the hours have changed or some such thing like that! This is not a 'chain' company with offices all over the country, just the one husband&wife team. I am thinking about applying to the LTC where our class did our clinicals; is this a good move? Sometimes I feel that I made more of a difference in peoples' lives when I was helping at the nursing home.....wow.

Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who is in this same boat. Oh yes, I must mention that I am not a fresh-outta-school young thing...I am almost 50yrs old and this is a complete change of life work for me. I have been out of work for over a year while I returned to school and am only looking for part-time work. I was so glad when this company hired me, but once I accepted employment with these people, all of a sudden I started to get calls from all the other home health care agencies in the area that I had applied for.....should I keep applying around? Or stick with this one company who gave me my first shot at helping people? If this has happened to anyone else out there, I sure would like to know how you all dealt with this.

Apply. Many HHA's are employed with more than one agency.

Good luck.

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