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Hello Everyone ! I am wondering if anyone applied to the Holy name school of nursing program for fall 2018 and is accepted yet or in process. I am officially accepted in the fall 2018 program & eager to know my future classmates!

Specializes in Education, FP, LNC, Forensics, ED, OB.

Hello TraceyPrz

We moved your thread to the Schools/Colleges forum for the best response. Good luck!

what are you stats? I'm looking to apply in the near future.

Hey Tracey, Congratulations! I'm in the process. Soon I will take the teas test then hopefully I will be accepted. Hope to see you !

Hey Tracey ...going on interview ...hoping all goes well

THANK you ! Wishing you all the luck to get through it .

My experience from the interview was that it was more of an overview of classes and the program itself, interview should be more than okay . Lots of luck

Ok great thanks for the info....hopeful and eager to start in August ...God willing! Have a great weekend

Hi guys!

Just went for my interview, it went well I think!

Hoping to hear back soon for this fall.

Do they take a while to get back to you with acceptance?

It took them 3 weeks to get back to me . Good luck !!!! ♥️

Hi Tracey!!!

Starting in August! Can't wait!

Oh that's awesome ! Congrats Can't wait í ½í¸Š I will private message you.

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