Holy smokes! How time flies!


I just wanted to put out here that with finishing up my pre-req classes these next couple months that time flew really fast! I just wanted to thank everyone who has inspired me and gave me great advice. My very first post was about how the heck am I going to even do this nursing thing? I am a mom of two young kiddos and just lost a job as a graphic designer and was scared because I never thought in a million years that I would even attempt something that is so challenging mentally and physically. For anyone who doubts themselves, for anyone who thinks that this is not an option that you are not smart enough...I want you to stop. Take a breath. And make a goal. I have been out of high school since 2001 and was a C student, I am currently holding all A's because I set a goal that I would get all A's in my pre-reqs. Was it hard heck yeah!..but failure is not an option for me since I have two sets of beady eyes looking at me, depending on me to give them a better future. I say good luck and set your goals early and never doubt that you can't do it because you can!


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This is a great post! I'm glad that you're doing so well. Years seem long when you're looking at getting in school, but looking back, they really fly! By the time you turn around you'll already be through nursing school..At least that's how I feel =) Was it really years?? :roflmao:


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Good for you! I enjoyed your post. I agree with what you said about not giving up even though you don't think you can do it. I took Biology my freshman year of college and failed it. I thought I was definitely not going to have a career in health. After I graduated I was praying about what to do and God told me to go to nursing school. I thought He was crazy but who am I to question Him? I started taking prerequisites and I am at the top of my classes now. I am so blessed God revealed His plan for me. So to those who think it is too hard I would encourage you to pray about it and try to listen to God's plan for you because if it's His will, it will be done!