Holy Moses!! Took NCLEX-RN today

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Well guys and gals I took the NCLEX-RN today. I went in nervous and came out even more nervous. It shut off at 75 and I just don't know what to think. I feel like I didn't know any of the answers. The questions were just so sporadic. I just kept thinking what is going to kill the patient fastest. The next 48 hours are going to be the most agonizing 48 hours I will probably ever experience. I had a couple of meds, infection control, priority, SATA, and 1 calculation. I really think I failed. I just don't see the possibility of me passing. I just don't feel good about it at all.


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This may or may not help. I've always found if I believed I failed-that's exactly what happened. If I just told myself I did fine-that's exactly what happened. We bring negative things in our life when we think negatively. So just keep your chin up & think positive.

I do know it's nerve racking waiting for the results of any test, but try if for no other reason than your sanity.:redpinkhe

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Listen, my NCLEX-RN shut off at 75 questions too, and I felt exactly like you do.

I passed.

My friends who shut off at 75 and passed, also felt exactly like you do after taking it.

Here's the thing, if you're doing well, then the computer challenges you. You get very hard questions about things you never studied in school. The result is that you walk out feeling like the greatest idiot on the face of the earth, yet you passed.

The bottom line here is that you're done with the test and there's nothing you can do to change the result. It is what it is, already, and you just have to wait to find out. You can make that wait miserable, or you can give yourself a break and do something fun. Me? I'd opt for the latter.

Good luck!

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I read stats somewhere that 85% of students that take NCLEX pass if it shuts off at 75 questions...

Try to relax and deep breathe.. I'm sure you did just great :D




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I took it yesterday too. Did you try the trick? I did. According to it I should pass so I am happy. Only 1 more day for the official quick results!


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I also only got 75 questions!

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Listen to Diane - that's very much in line with what I've heard. Try the Pearson-Vue trick and see what happens, but remember it's not set in stone.

If you had any clue as to the questions, my guess is you passed. At 75, either you did really really well or bombed it royally. And as they got harder toward the end, that's a good sign.

Same thing happened to me 11 years ago - 75 questions, and we had to wait a week. Working as a GN/LPN and scared to tears the whole time.

Good luck. You'll be fine. *hug*

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