Spirituality and Healthcare

  1. I am researching Clinical Pathways for Spirituality. Anyone with experience? I have seen a critical pathway for Cardiac Care and spirituality and it is very intriguing.
    Carol Meyer
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  3. by   nick
    Carol,how can I get a copy of the pathway.My FAX#(760)-339-7345
    I also interested in the same topic. Thanks.
  4. by   Cmeyer
    Nick- I sent a E-mail, but if you did not get it, read this. I am in the preliminary stages of integrating spirituality and medical care within a working committee. There emphasis is a research questionaire on spiritual assessment. Hopefully this will evolve to intervention based on relaxation and response. I will fax what I have.


  5. by   nick
    I was interested in the pathway that you have
    seen for Cardiac Care and spirituality. I live in a rural area and hopeful of initiating a Parish Nursing Program. The pathway you mentioned was interesting to me. Thanks!
  6. by   Cmeyer
    Hey, I have quite a bit information on Parish Nursing and Spirituality in Medicine.
    It is just growing by leaps and I am so excited about it. If you have fax machine I can send you some articles


  7. by   cbb
    I too would like a copy of the critical pathway for Cardiac Care and spirituality. You can email me @: cberding@mail.mcg.edu or fax to 706-542-9190. Thanks!
  8. by   marielk
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by cbb:
    [B]I too would like a copy of the critical pathway for Cardiac Care and spirituality. You can email me @: coyotemarie@socal.rr.com
  9. by   victoria1
    I to would like a copy or cardiac/spirtual

    thanks vickiwz@home.com
  10. by   Kathy O.
    I am a nurse friend of Kathy O and wonder about your meaning of clinical pathway to spirituality ? We are spirit but have not been taught to acknowledge this. SO many "learned"fears abound regarding beliefs about death, judgement and only one life. Releasing fear beliefs helps to change our mind focus to the loving emotions that are quite healing. One of kathy's books about depression has a very good down to earth information that gives us knowledge to support patients going through their life experience. The answer is within us and it helps to search for the knowledge.
    Joyce Ann Wilson, R.N
  11. by   myst
    Ten Points to Joyce (friend of Kathy O)

    You have hit the nail on the head. The problem is that everyone is always looking for the answers in a clinical pathway, textbook , or seminar. If you look to other Alternative/Complimentary modalities, you'll see alot that they have in common that work for many people and most integrate spirituality in some form.
  12. by   Spirit A-glow
    Myst - I agree with you & Joyce ~ there is plenty out there that will help the person center themselves and look within. Available now are Meditation, Guided imagery, Healing Touch, Taichi, Qigong, Reiki etc. also Auromotherapy to assist in setting the tone etc.. for beginners, Guided imagery is probably the best.
    Namaste! Sandy
  13. by   live4today
    Would this be related to Parish Nursing by chance?
  14. by   healingtouchRN
    I would like a copy of this spiritual model/pathway too. send to skdeavers@knology.net. Sounds