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  1. by   healingtouchRN
    thanks sue for the post. will try to locate this for personal use & share with the networkers for AHNA we are starting here in AL. appreciate a PM from you teeling me of your experiences as a HNC & your field of expertise. :hatparty:
  2. by   VickyRN
    The EarthRose Institute (ERI), a 501c3 organization, was founded in response to the growing need for disseminating information, providing education, and research collaboration on the environmental links to women's and children's health. Preventing exposures to toxic compounds in the home, workplace, food chain, and community are primary goals of ERI.

    ERI works with women, communities, institutions, and other organizations, on advocacy and health policy issues related to environmental health on a local and global level.
    ERI is committed to being a bridge that brings scientific research and information to diverse communities.

  3. by   valkyria
    i do not believe that you can treat the body alone. the mind has a powerful influence over the healing state of our patients. i am half latin and in a very multicultural ethnic enviornment and you are faced with patients' beliefs about the effects of the spirits on healing, herbs for sleep, herbs for pain, "the evil eye", the phases of the moon-that i learned from a micousukee patient, and the list goes on. it can go as far as santoria or as mild as not washing your hair and going out in the cold or even putting bare feet on the floor. tilo for the nerves, st.johns' wort for depression, chamomille to sleep, valeria root for a cold. all the way down to chicken soup. there is not a one of us that does not have a belief ourselves or within our immediate family concerning our health and something of the mind or the spirit. we may disregard the practice as being cultural expression but many patients internalize those beliefs and they are strongly held to the point of physical manifestation, (symptoms).that is where nurses come in. we heal the mind as well as the body. my doctors may have sewn me up, and i have many scars representing their handiwork, but my nurses put my heart back together.
  4. by   magnolia nurse
    Are there any schools that are better than others , I am really intersted in this type of nursing but don't want to attend any program that maybe producing QUACKS, if you know what I need..
  5. by   magnolia nurse
    Quote from holistic Sue
    As a Certified Holistic Nurse, I believe that Holistic Nurses are the leaders creating and returning to a more caring healing model of healthcare as the paradigm shifts and integrative medicine becomes a demand by the public.
    Nursing as a healing art are the root of Nursing practice.
    As a Holistic Nurse educator, I have seen the changes within nurses themselves when they study healing modalities and integrate them into their personal self care and then into the workplace. And the renewed meaning and purpose in our work whem we embrace this direction
    It is a transformational journey.
    Holistic Sue
    I whole heartedly agree with you? Where did you get certified..Would love more info