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Am a RN with german and US license. Want to practise Holistic Nursing. Where can I get formal education in US? Did anybody take the online class from Canyon College, is it recommendable? Would... Read More

  1. by   healingtouchRN
    I live in Alabama, where Clayton College is in Birmingham, but I cannot attend there because my lovely state does not recognize naturopathic healers! This state is very controlled by the AMA, ya know, the ol' boys club. so the students who attend Clayton must be out of state students. Very sad! I have attended seminars taught by these wonderful naturopathic healers, herbalists, & the like & they have so much to share. More power to those who live in states where they have less state control, more personal freedom.
  2. by   renerian
    I had my ADN then got my BS/MS via distance education at Clayton College of Natural Health. All holistic classes. Check out the website.


  3. by   isiegel
    Yes, as they maybe accredited the more important quesiton is but are they recognized by the US dept of education? I know someone who got their degree from there and tried to transfer on and could not and was very upset. It may be great for someone who already has a degree and just wants to learn more.
    Another school for a BS in alternative Medicine someone told me about is everglades university.