Holistic nurse vs nurse health coach

  1. I've been a pediatric med/surg nurse for 12 years and I am getting a little 'burnt' out with it. I love what I do, but really don't want to be a bedside nurse 5 years from now. No interest in management, or teaching, just--not for me. I have a two year degree, (with two other non-nursing degrees) .

    So I've begun to look into what holistic nursing is--I didn't even know there was such a thing, but, I think that it could be a great change and I do love the education piece of my job.

    So my question is, I have seen the term nurse coach tossed around as opposed to holistic nurse.

    is there a big difference in the two? And would I need to get a more advanced nursing degree to do this?

    and feedback would be greatly appreciated
    thank you
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  3. by   jodit
    I'm looking into this dual program..holistic nurse and nurse coach. I'm a 13yr ER RN who is completing a 2yr holistic nutrition program and I'm trying to figure out how to bridge it to nursing. It's either this or go back for my FNP.

    The International Nurse Coach Association
  4. by   Kathy H
    Have you checked out the thread in Holistic Nursing titled "Has Anyone Done the NIWH Whole Health Program"? It's very interesting and looks like a viable option. I started looking into it after seeing comments and I am seriously considering this.
  5. by   Providence60
    I can understand burnout in working a traditional nursing jobs, for while helping others may have inspired us into the nursing profession, so much of medicine now is run by "the numbers". Understanding the difference between coaching programs vs certification programs is critical in considering your options for your future. The only nationally accredited program I have found which deliver credentials which allow you to bill your services through your own NPI number is the NIWH (Whole Health Training and Education - Accredited | Holistic Health Programs). Their program provides you an NPI number and billing manual and trains you to work with either doctors or on your own. It’s even got a program exclusively for nurses (Holistic Nurse Certification | National Institute of Whole Health). I think it's worth your time for checking out and perhaps talking to someone there (Whole Health Training and Education - Accredited | Holistic Health Programs). I'll be curious to hear what you think of the program and hope you don't settle for "burning out" but take up your passion for helping people in a new and more successful way!