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Hi Just wondering if there are any psychic nurses out there and if so do you use this ability to tap into your patients? Thanx :)... Read More

  1. by   CCU NRS
    My dad died April 29, 03

    I dreamed about him about a month after his death and he was just talking to me and told me it was not so bad but he should have tried a little harder to make sure his kids knew he loved them.

    Around december 03 I dreamed about him wearing a Turtle neck (which he nevr did) sweater and all he said was I can't find the way, I responded by telling him I loved him unconditionally.

    I started a thread back in January related to paranormal activity
    there is a related story about how I saw my dead Grandfather after I had been shot. Lots of stuff about Deja' Vu which I didn't mention here but get quite frequently, I can seriously relate this to dreams when it happens, meaning I know that what I am seeing was originally in dream form.
    Here is that link
  2. by   CCU NRS
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  3. by   happy&healthy
    Having read each post of the 14-pages recorded in these 2 forums, on this particular "psychic"-subject here, may I add that I am very glad that most of my experiences, in this realm, have been & continue being of a positive helpful nature.

    In post #81, ccu NRS commented re: *positive thoughts affecting outcome *. YES! - what a truely empowering statement that was/is. Increasingly, people are discovering that "What the mind expects to have happen, it will go out of its way to create as a reality"
    In post #1, Chelsea asked "do you use this ability to tap into your patients?"; and again, YES, YOU CAN - and may I, please, share a few (of many) such experiences with you nice people, intending to inspire you with HOPE.

    in 1986, a woman (who had been praying and preparing for 16 years, to birth babies) finally conceived her 1st. child.

    About 9 weeks later, she got medical confirmation. To say she felt ecstatic, is putting it mildly. The eentsy, weentsy baby inside her, let her mother gain conscious awareness how happily she was dancin' inside, Growin'. Both were so exquisitely happy, their joy was boundless!

    Alas, soon after this confirmation, she was told to get an "abortion". Absolutely horrified, she answered "Never!". Then, she fell victim to a 2nd. diabolical act of (now physical) violence, and was admitted to a hospital. She was so afraid she would not be able to birth the other children she had wanted, so dearly. And while there, some doctors were paid to try and "get her to see the light."

    Hundreds of people prayed, to Jesus, for both of their lives.

    But daily visiting, especially 1 of the "specialists" persisted:
    Day 1: "It's hopeless, so unless you agree to a therapeutic abortion, you might both Die"
    mother: "NO, I will not" (was all she could whisper, clinging to life)

    Day 2: "You know, there is NO chance for it to survive; so be Reasonable"
    mother: "Denial of life is reasonable?!- oh, we both shall live"

    Day 3: "You know as a nurse, you'll just Spontaneously abort"
    mother: "How little you know"

    Day 4: "You know as a nurse, it will be so Deformed it may be born DEAD"
    mother: "Not so, for my daughter wants to LIVE"

    Day 5: "You know as a nurse, its many developmental challenges will TAX-burden society, over your selfish fault"
    mother: "My daughter will live healthy, happy and free."

    Day 6: "You know, you are the most UNcooperative patient I've had"
    mother: "Yes I know, and Thank you for your compliment"

    Day 7: "I give up; because you are truely hopeless, and why?"
    mother: "Thank you; because I choose to create the reality I want, Sir"
    5 months later: Christine (going down the slide, weee to be cradled in waiting loving arms) greeted this world with a peaceful smile, her body perfectly shaped, and operational with an Apgar score of 10/10 ...

    and years of Unschooling-adventures later, 3 years ago: her momma applauded, with joyful tears streaming freely down her face once more, as Christine took her Commencement walk having graduated College with high honors, including 1900 hrs. of Service achievements, at the age of 17.

    How do I know all these details, you ask ?

    I am that mother, and Christine is my eternally beloved and dearest daughter

    Are you interested in more like truthful stories, especially how we can *each* inspire helpful hope in our patient clients ?
  4. by   Sis123
    Cheerfulsong, Thank you for sharing your awesome story. You are amazing, and so is your daughter. How inspiring!
  5. by   happy&healthy
    Quote from Sis123
    Cheerfulsong, Thank you for sharing your awesome story. You are amazing, and so is your daughter. How inspiring!
    I am glad you found it helpful, Sis , and like I offered above, I have more like truthful stories, especially how (in our "patient" clients) we can *each* inspire helpful HOPE...

    In the early 80's, there was a little boy born with respiratory challenges who needed a trach, and soon thereafter was placed on full life-support. This is how he existed for shy of the first 3 yrs. of his life, NEVER once leaving the children's research center he was born in. Learning-disabled and failing-to-thrive, he had few clues of childhood wonders beyond those walls.

    Fortunately for him, he did get to join in living with his family - with a complete entourage of ICU-trained nurses, to care for him day-in/day-out. But all of his Drs. said that "his lungs resemble a 91-yr.old man, they're too shot. So he can not live past about 2 months, at most".

    One nurse (aware of how many times this precious child had already 'coded', yet lived thru all of those trials)
    chose to perceive this differently, and encouraged his parents to exersize their Faith. Well they asked, "what can we do, and how can we help him best?" - and this nurse offered "How about you just allow him to BE, a little boy starting where he is now developmentally, and allow him to explore his world - simply as all babies do...AND us working his cares around him, for once will bless him with the opportunity to *Choose becoming as he wants*. What do you think of that?" - They agreed.

    The 2 months came, and went. And this kid was not only not "dying", he started thriving: smearing pudding, and play-dough in his hair, sucking on carrot-sticks, clamoring for more and more *yummy foods*, smiling more, laughing often especially when he would splash his bathwater all over the carpet, loved being rocked by his "moma" into melodic :Melody: peaceful slumber.

    Winter left, and Spring came. This nurse got a flower-box, and a bird-feeder, and all sorts of other wonders were luring his attention to the world beyond the window by his bed. And the day came, that he - gingerly - stepped outside the backdoor to have a "Look-see". :flowersfo Oh my! - progressively, the vent-tubing was elongated, then - stretched to the max. Then for GOOD reasons of fun of his own making, he started weaning away from that contraption.

    The day came that he was having a blast, ripping off flower-petals, and developing evermore :hatparty: . On and on, he grew - right into a man. Amazing, huh?

    Six other children, with similar *success- stories*. Yes, this kind of "service" just makes your day ... So, how about everyone else adding theirs, as well ! :icon_hug:

  6. by   abell
    Last year I was working for a man with thyroid cancer under a naturopath's care. i left town for one week on a vacation. on a certain nite, i had a strong dream that he had died, that he was at peace and that he was telling me in his dream that he had 'crossed over'. somehow i really felt that he had left his body, even though i was hundreds of miles away. when i came back to work, i found out that he had passed away the nite that i had seen him in my dreams.

    i don't think there was anything unusual about having this dream. dreams are an important level of reality, and i have often dreamt about things before they happen, or seen qualities of a person that they might be trying to hide - thru dreams.

    take care guys!
  7. by   nativehealer
    The Native American view of psychic powers is that we are given a "sixth sense" by the spirits. The spirits choose us to help the people that are in need of this gift. This sixth sense is not always the same for each person, we have different abilities that are used in various ways that are needed for the common good of the people.
  8. by   CharlieRN
    I have long considered that I was psych, possibly shamanic. The subjective evidence of the psychic experience is 100% convincing. However we now live in an age of science. Any phenomenon as wide spread as psychic powers should be easily explored by science. But its not. We have detailed biographies of sub atomic particles but can't reliably locate a ghost. All the tons of evidence is annecdotal or subjective. Not worth the paper its written on. This much negative evidence impresses me.
  9. by   Thunderwolf
    psychic...hmmm. When I was adolescent, I was able to lay out five to seven playing cards face down (no peeking)...on the third night (usually), I would get a string of cards in my head just before falling asleep while in bed. I'd get up and write them down on a note pad near my bed, then go to sleep. In the next morning, I'd get up, take my pad, flip over the cards and get guessed...right. Haven't done this for many, many years. I was a kid then, sort of excited me, then got boring. Haven't done it since. Does this count?
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  10. by   knockandhello
    Quote from Da Monk
    Wow! Psychic RN's. "I'm sorry to tell you this Mr. Smith. I've just had a psychic experience and I saw your death. So, if I were you, I would not plan on making it through your colonoscopy. Make sure to get your affairs in order...No Sir. I'm not crazy! I am a Certified Generalist in Clairvoyant Nursing by the ANCC...You do not understand, Sir. To become certified, we must predict our test score and prove we predicted the demise of at least seven generally healthy patients who arrived at the hospital for usually simple procedures...I'm sorry, Sir, that you feel that way...No! I do not know where Usama bin Laden is hiding...":chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
    omg!here i was feeling down in the dumps .Son not taking his meds and a wee bit off the rails.Then i read this and laughed so much I now know I have stress incontinence!Thank you so much.You have made this day worthwile.Maybe you have psychic healing I feel soooo damned good.
  11. by   qaqueen
    Healing comes in many forms
  12. by   nurse1948
    Quote from chelsea32
    Just wondering if there are any psychic nurses out there and if so do you use this ability to tap into your patients?

    Yes, I do and I am confident with her responses.
    My client it multi-handycaped /intellectuallly challenged and no speach but she has a kind of language.
    My psychic gift has been a blessing in my nursing profession bar non.

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