1. i am the network leader for the chicago holistic nurses in action local chapter. i’ve noticed many questions about holistic nursing education, availability of jobs in holistic nursing, availability of holistic nursing education, and requests for information about holistic nursing books while reading this thread. the american holistic nurses association at [font=rockwell][font=rockwell][font=rockwell][font=rockwell][font=rockwell][font=rockwell] is the place to go for all of this information and more!![font=rockwell][font=rockwell]
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    Thanks TropicalFish,

    I've actually visited the site before, but I like how you lay out the information in this one post. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but can you talk more about your independent practice?
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    i have been training in a variety of alternative and holistic modalities. as an independent practitioner i have an office space that includes space to present classes. i have space for 1:1 appointments with clients also. a good place to look for space is to rent from a holistically minded massage therapist. then as the business grows you can set up your own primary office if you want to. my main interest is ultimately to teach to the public, as well as, for nurses. the climate in the nation (and the world) is exactly right for the progression of nurses as independent practitioners.
    (i also still work as a bedside nurse. i focus on the whole person and the whole family and use my interpersonal skills, my compassion, my knowledge base to assist families with decision-making, care planning, etc----that nurses have always done.)
    when i attended a recent american holistic nurses association annual conference i spoke with a nurse researcher about her research results toward her phd. (the ahna conference always includes opportunities to see the research results of nurse researchers and to speak with them!!) she looked into all the usa states and found that all nurse practice acts state that rns can independently practice holistic modalities. look at your own state's nurse practice act and call your state to discuss the nurse practice act if you want to!!!!
    i currently practice in several body modalities (hatha yoga and tai chi for health), several energy modalities (non-touch energy healing modalities), aromatherapy/essential oils, bach flower essences, as well as some additional modalities----i am interested in many options. i am credentialed in all of these modalities. i have completed the home study course in holistic nursing offered by the american holistic nurses association and i am on my way to being board certified as a holistic nurse. the sky is the limit for rns!!!! we just need to think in a way that is different from the way we have in the past. the world is changing. healthcare is changing. the time is ripe for rns to bring forth the heart of nursing---which is the recognition of, the practice of, caring for the whole person and the whole family and the whole community. to be a nurse has always been to care for the whole person---the bio/psycho/social/spiritual being.

    for further information on holistic nursing go to:
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    Thanks for this post with info all in one place. It's helping decide between master's programs =)
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    To find local meetings of the American Holistic Nursing Association: GO TO
    My Network is called: Chicago Holistic Nurses in Action
    We would love to see anyone in the Chicago Metro area to attend our meetings.
    There are local meetings across the country. Find one that you can attend. They are great for learning more about Holistic Nursing, Networking with other Holistic Nurses, as well as, other Practitioners.
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    Any nurse can be a Holistic Nurse.
    You do not need to have a Masters Degree in order to be a Holistic Nurse.
    Holistic Nursing is the manner in which you practice Nursing. A Holistic Nurse uses the concepts of holism, the recognition of human beings being Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Beings.
    Any nurse can study holistic nursing and put it into practice. There is a wonderful Home Study Course of Study that is available, and developed by, the American Holistic Nurses Association. I have taken this home study course and earned 65 CNE. You get 9 months to complete it. I easily completed it while working full time, starting my business (which any nurse can do too), and caring for my family, and doing volunteer work, among other activities.
    (I am a Network Leader with the American Holistic Nurses Association in the Chicago Metro area.)
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    Holistic Nurses are often interested in practicing Alternative Modalities. Holistic Nurses often take training in Alternative modalities. This is also what I have done. Holistic Nurses often have an Entrepreneurial Spirit. And so do I. My life's work as a Nurse and Advanced Practice Nurse is to support the development of Nursing. The world is changing and Nursing is poised on the brink of expanding it's practice and it's importance in the whole health care arena!!!! One of the biggest ways will be in Holism and modalities, methods, of self-healing and self-responsiblity for one's own health care. I want to help people to help themselves!! Nursing, as its basis, is the helping/the support of people in their own healing. Florence Nightingale said, we are to put the patient into the best possible place for them to heal themselves (see her book, "Notes on Nursing". I was educated in Nursing in the late 70's and early 80's. There is nothing new about caring for the whole person---it is what nursing is. We are unique in all of the health care professions.
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    I 've read about holistic nursing in books. I don't see that in hospital settings, actually is totally opposite. I believe it is something that will work in private practice to start. thanks of the info.