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Hofstra NP program


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Does anyone have any information about Hofstra University's pending NP program?

Ozlem RN-BSN (ANP '18)


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I was accepted into the North Shore LIJ-Hofstra Graduate School of Nursing for the inaugural FNP program this Fall (2015) -- see information here.

Key points:

Clinical Placements by School (no need to find your own preceptors)

Increased clinical hours

PEARLS and case-study based learning and cohorts

Graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies | Academics | Hofstra University, New York

Hope this helps.


Hey Andrew,

Can you tell me more about the Hofstra program as a student. There is nothing/no reviews on this site. How is the program so far? The program states it is a 3 year part-time program, but also states it requires 850 clinical hours! That's a lot more than other programs and makes me think the program would take much longer than 3 years, so I was wondering how Hofstra reconciles that.

Thanks for any info!