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Hello to all. Haven't been here in a while. Hope all is well. I have a question concerning how the HIV/AIDS virus is transmitted. I know this will sound crazy but can you transmit the virus through the use of a toothbrush? I know it can be transmitted thru sexual contact, sharing needles and from mother to child but does anyone know and can postively tell me if it's contracted thru the use of a toothbrush? Should one consider testing for the virus? Thanks to all! Mel

If the toothbrush is soaked in infected blood... yes. If the person using the contaminated brush has open wounds or sores in their mouth.. yes.. I was taught that a person would have to ingest at least a cup of saliva to be at risk for contracting the virus.

There are alot of websites you can check for more info and clarifications regarding myths, etc.



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the way happystudent says. yes, it is possible. but HIV does not live long without a "host"...hepatitis DOES live much longer on surfaces without a host, just waiting. You need fear that disease at least as much as HIV when it comes to transmission and virulence.

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