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Hired yesterday on Oncology-BMT Unit..Questions


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Hi, I was hired yesterday to work on an Oncology-BMT unit in a large teaching hospital. I am very excited and will start work in June after I graduate in May. I have some questions and I would be very appreciative for anyone that replies to this post.

1. What do you love/hate about working in Oncology?

2. Shifts: I was hired for straight PM's. Will I have the same opportunities as RNs on day shift as far as hanging chemo, staying busy etc?

3. Excuse my ignorance regarding shifts, but what is a Day/PM shift? Does that mean working some day shifts and some PM's or is it a combination such as 11-7 or 11-11?

I guess it is always difficult to know as a new grad where you would like to work. I've always had a very strong interest in Oncology but I am looking to hear from experienced RNs in this specialty to hear more.

Thank you!

WDWpixieRN, RN

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I, too, was just hired for an oncology position starting in June. I am very excited and also looking for any tips for new graduate nurses on an oncology floor!!

Congrats to you!!


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hi there. congratulation 4 your degree.

nurses work organizzation is different enough here, as our shift works composed by 2 days (7-2), 1 pm (2-10), 1 night (10-7) n 2 rest days (maybe) in a consecutive way 4 each nurse.

work plane n expertises (a bit) r different 2 from yours.

nursing is similar, illness is the same.

so i can just write u what do i love/hate about my oncology unit.

i love enrichfull relationships may (or not) come up with patients who have 2 come back periodically 4 chemioterapy, in this way u can learn 2 know their multifaced health problems on the whole.

i love nursing care u can supply to oncologic patient.

i love possiblitity 2 improve help-relation skills as well as tecnical ones (cvc implantation n management, chemio management n infusion,...).

i dont like death (who likes), but it happens everywhere indeed, not just here. further we try (if possible) 2 care terminal patients at their home.

i hate our hard workload that u cant supply nursing care as u could:

26 patients, 4 nurses in day shift, 2 (!!) in pm shift, 2 (!) in night shift.

unfortunetly i dont know your clinician reality, but i'd like,.. sooner or later, who knows.

have a good work, but enjoy 2, ciao

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