Did I Violate HIPAA?

  1. I am stresses to no avail...I'll make this brief. Situation occurred at work where a patient had an anaphylactic reaction and I just happened to be standing there. Provider ordered me to get Benadyrl IM immediately from the Pyxis. You can't pull without an order so in a frantic state, I asked how was I supposed to get it. The provider said, "just override it from any patient right now, and I will document, explain, and correct the discrepancy later! Hurry!" In an effort to help save the patient, I did as told. After the incident, it was charted correctly and the patient from which I overrode the medication from was NOT charged. Personally, I never entered the pt's chart. I am now having to meet with the hospital's privacy officer, HR, and go before peer review for supposedly violating HIPAA? Did I in fact violate?
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  3. by   Sun0408
    Doesn't sound like one to me.. Did you write the pts name you pulled the med from in the pts chart you gave it too?? Are you sure they said the meeting was re HIPAA?? Check and see if you can go in the Pyxis and select your pt and select the override option to get the medication you need for "next time" something like this happens. We can override any medication that we have in the pyxis under the pt intended. The override option is for the type of situation you had.
  4. by   TeeJaazi84
    No, I didn't write anything down. The actual patient wasn't in the system yet as he was just brought into the unit. I'm sure they said HIPAA which is the reasoning for having to meet w the privacy officer.
  5. by   Sun0408
    Oh, I see now.. Still doesn't sound like a HIPAA violation because you did not give out any medical information.. Keep us posted on the meeting.. It might be a stretch to call it a violation of PHI since you didn't actual go into the pts chart.
  6. by   TeeJaazi84
    Thanks! You have been a breath of relief.
  7. by   angiehope111
    I agree completely, I do not feel it was a violation!
  8. by   dah doh
    We can add patient's name & room # in Pyxis and override a specific set of drugs. We do this in emergencies when the patient arrives and the patient isn't admitted into the computer yet. Pharmacy reconciles the extra name with the physical order later. Don't get meds on the "wrong patient"...it's a pharmacy-nursing nightmare! As for HIPPA violation? Doubtful, but they may claim you accessed the medicine list via Pyxis on a patient you were not caring for. Just explain the situation honestly if you get investigated.