Highline or Valley Medical Center?


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Does anyone have any information regarding either Valley Medical Center in Renton, or Highline Medical Centerin Burien? I was offered position today at both places and am hoping to decide SOON. Thank you so much for any help you can offer.:redbeathe


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Honestly I have never worked for either hospital.

I, however, volunteered at Highline Medical Center in Childbirth unit. It was not a busy place though.

Not once I saw nurses rushing in Highline. THings were quiet.

Valley Medical Center is chosen to be one of the best hospitasl, my friend who is an MA currently working for Virginia Mason said so. Besides, she said the assessment test at Valley was very hard.

And it's true that Valley was voted for 4 (or more) years continuously as the best company to work for. Besides, it's a lot busier than Highline.

For that reason, I assume the staff:pt ratio is quite heavier in Valley than Highline.

However, I think you will learn a lot more in Valley!

Hope this helps!


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I ended up accepting a position at Highline Medical Center. It is a 13 week travel assignment. I am nervous as this is my first travel assignment and I will be coming from the University of Iowa which is 870 beds compared to this small hospital. I have gained great experience on a surgical floor including organ transplant. The position I took it for a medical floor. Any further information anyone might have regarding working at this hospital would be greatly appreciated!:mad:

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