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For all the past and present nursing students, I was wondering what highlighting method you use.

I already know not to highlight whole paragraphs etc...just the key terms, but generally I go between 2 "reds"...one I use for what I've read, and what I think is important...and the other is for what the instructor goes over.

Is it necessary in the nursing classes to use even more colors? Say for example all drugs in blue, formulas in green...etc.

Just wanted to get input to what people do, I'm not ready for the actual nursing program until hopefully next fall, currently taking Chem, and so far the 2 highlighter method works...I just like to be prepared so I'm not in a panic when I start! (Oh, who are we kidding, I'll be in a panic, but perhaps a prepared panic! :uhoh21:)

prmenrs, RN

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I'm a "paint that book pink" kind of student. Use a pink hi-lighter 1st to "preview" the chapter, then go thru and read detail, highlight topic sentences, definitions, etc., finally highlight the really key htings in yellow--if that makes it orange, OK!

I used to use different colors for different times through the reading, another color for definitions, and another for points my profs had emphasized in class. I don't have time for all that now, though! I have just been using the yellow, and it has worked so far. I did color-code my calendar (pink for tests, green for check-offs, blue for days off, etc.) much to the amusement of my classmates. It makes me feel more organized, though!!

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