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highlands, nc??


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Does anyone know anything about highlands, nc?

I'm an ER/psych nurse with 1 yr experience and I'm trying to get my first assignment. I've been talking to american mobile, virtual healthcare staffing,and american traveler. This assignment is a 13weeker offered by sunbelt staffing. I did my phone interview yesterday and it went well but it is a very small hospital in the mountains with only a 6 bed ER staffed by 1 RN and 1 doctor. The RN does everything from registration to entering orders to the addmission. However they only see about 10 patients per day according to her. I have to ask my recuiter again but I think the pay is between 26-28$. I'm 22, single, I dont know anyone there and theres probably not much for me to do for fun.....any advice??? THANKS!


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Highlands has a lot of wealthy retired people and is relatively remote and quite difficult to reach if the weather/roads are bad. Cullowhee is about 45 min-1 hr away and has a university and a small university town with coffeehouses, music, restaurants, that kind of thing. I work in Sylva at Harris Regional--we have about 100 inpt beds with med surg, tele, small ICU, LD, ortho & GI surgeries, ED. I know one ED nurse who was working at Highlands and switched to Harris to get more experience, despite the long drive. Sylva looks near to Highlands on a map, but the roads between Sylva and Highlands are steep, winding, 25-35 mph two lane highways.

Our ED uses travelers. I think ours has 10 beds? Check out WestCare Health System, or talk to your recruiter about it. Also, Angel Medical Center in Franklin could be an option--angelmed.org. I don't know if they use travelers. Being in Sylva, you would be in the beautiful mountains and near interesting stuff to do; in Highlands, you'd be in a pretty remote location. Personally, I wouldn't choose to live in Highlands because it is way out there. Sylva/Cullowhee, in Jackson County, is a really nice place to be.

Good luck! Western NC is a beautiful place to be.


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