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I am going into my senior year of High School and plan to to start pre-nursing when I start college.

I am going to take A&P for my science and Med Term as an elective. I will not get college credit for either one, but I thought it would help me get better grades in college.

Do you think these classes will help me in college?

I definitely think it will help you when taking college-level A&P since you'll already have exposure to all or some of the topics you'll cover. That should help you make better grades because some of the work will already be done. It may translate to better grades in other classes during that semester if it means you have more time to spend on those other classes. Knowing med terms will also save you a bit of time when learning vocab and new medical words.


In high school I took A&P my junior year and also my senior year. I noticed the college level A&P were in way more detail and different then how my high school taught it. So taking A&P didn't help me. I also took med term and it helped me a lot! I definitely recommend taking that!

Best of luck!

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