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Hi, everybody

I hope that all of you are good.

I have an exam, and I have choosen a theme to work on in

" Allocation of professional theories (e.g. nursing, social theories) to case management"

I choosed, nursing theories, but I dont know how to start, I have to do it in english, that makes me more difficult , that it would be if it were in my own language.

And it have to be short , max. 10 pages, and I have only 10 minutes for presentation.

Its a short time... and I have to define in my own structure...

I have searched some materials,

I thought that I shold to start by mentioning : What is a theory, Concepts, Models, importance of nursing theories, history.... but,, I think that this structure is very wide....

and for case menagement I havent find materials, most of them are in german language, I dont understad nothing,...

Please if you only can help at least with the structure...

I wish you all the bests...

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 32 years experience.

Hi and welcome to the site

Moved this to our student discussion forum

Please is anybody who can help me,,,,

soon is my deadline, for me...

I wish you the bests!