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hi all


hi just updating

well my story in nursing school was an utter nightmare. I had straight A marks and I was persistent and I tried to do everything I could but nursing is defiantly not for me

the bullying was hard to. deal with at first but it didn't bother me when I went on, crazy clinical teachers were ok but the final straw and a big realization was being accused my vcc of sexual inapprpriate comments and behaviour when our lab did assessments on each other. it was something I thought I could work through with I was. I was a model student. I helped everyone. gave rides. was put in new lab group and we did good. and did well on clinicals. was the student rep for my cohort

but getting chased around and having the department head try to force me to sign a letter saying i was doing stuff likee was insulting and gave me the realization of things for next 20 years. not a good fit for my straightforward , honest and direct personality

I found no matter what I did most of the students would not work or support me at vcc and the other nursing program I was in

teachers did nothing to stop the bullying and it seemed like the rewarded those who did

some of the students I would say are the best people I met

the patients were an honor and privilege to work with pure pleasure for sure

sexual stuff if people make up stuff shouldn't they investigate

nursing is a strange mix a combo of the best job with diverse skills along with archaic and primitive things such as bullying teachers yelling at u.catty students blaming student without even investigating

looking for a good trucking school in Vancouver and hope I can take some of the lessons I learned in nursing to help me in that job.