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Hi everyone! my name is Amy, I recently graduated from the CNA program at my local community college. I am taking my state test for CNA next month and work at a skilled nursing facility currently as a nurse assistant in training. I love being a CNA but can not wait to be a nurse! My dream is to be an RN but since completing the CNA program and working at a skilled nursing facility I am seriously considering becoming an LPN first and working then taking the LPN to RN bridge at my community college. I just hear so many different opinions about this.. lots of people say just go straight for RN its a waste of time to do LPN but I think it would be a good idea to work my way up to RN by being a CNA then LPN then RN. what do you all think? Most LPNS at my work tell me to do the same and that most work at the hospital for nurses is bedside care where you are a nurse and CNA at the same time.. which I don't mind. my long term goal is to work at a hospital some day but I am enjoying working at a skilled nursing facility and after 1 year of working there they will help pay for school.. I have about 7 pre reqs and the TEAS test before I can apply for the RN program but like I said I am considering the LPN program, all thats needed is the TEAS test and CNA certification... :)

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The best LPN's were former CNA's. The best RN's were former LPN's. At least in my humble opinion.

Go straight for ur r.n. I'm an l.p.n. been one for seven years.since I was twenty one. Go get ur r.n. if that's ur final goal at the end of the day then work towards that. Y throw a monkey wrench in the middle and go straight thru and complete ur goal. Wish I would have. But now I'm about to start l.p.n. to r.n. bridge program next month. I really hate I waited sloop long ......but hey do wat u feel is best.u may like being an l.p.n. and may not want ur r.n. after all...

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