I live in Michigan and I am 2 quarters till I start the nursing program. Me and my hubby have been talking about moving out of this freezing state not to mention all of the car plants will be shutting down and many of those workers will be relocating out of state, there is no work here. As for nursing as with anywhere there are plenty of jobs. However, I feel that with all of these plants shutting down there will be less nursing jobs in the future (lack of sick people). We have been talking about alabama.

So my reason for posting :nuke: If you go to school in Michigan and get licensed here, does it transfer or do you have to take the nursing exam for Alabama too?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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You can apply for a license by endorsement. If your license is unhindered in Michigan, you can get a license in Alabama.

What area of Alabama are you looking at? Aviation is booming in south Alabama and the company my husband works for signed a huge new contract that guarantees his company work for the next 10 years. They are, needless to say, in a hiring frenzy right now.


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Thank you for the reply! I don't think that we will be moving until I get out of school. My house need to be fixed up before we move and I would like to stay at the school I am at because I am getting really good grades and my hubby is putting through school by working his butt off. He travels around the country and has been to China and Thialand and currently he is in Alabama. I was so jealous he left yesterday and called me last night and said guess what the temp is here I told him that I didn't want to know!!!

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