Hi! Nice to meet you all.

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Hi. I just want to greeting to you all. Iam a japanese, and I was R.N in Japan. Now I am a Home maker,and 11year old boy, and 2 year old girl's mother. I have been here for 3 and half years. I hope, someday I will be a R.N in U.S. I began to go to college as a part time student since spring, 2003. Because I need to improve my English first. I won't give up my dream to be a Nurse.

Thank you for reading my message. And nice to meet you all.:chuckle

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Hello Harusea !

And welcome to Allnurses !

Please feel free to join in and make yourself at home here. You will find there is much you can learn here, too.

Am happy to hear you are persuing your goal of becoming a nurse here, and not giving up on your dream.

Wish you the very best, ann hope to hear more from you. :)


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Glad to hear from you, harusa. What kind of nursing did you do in Japan? General medical-surgical, or a specialty?

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Pleased to meet you, Harusea! :) Good luck with your studies!


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Originally posted by bigpicture

Glad to hear from you, harusa. What kind of nursing did you do in Japan? General medical-surgical, or a specialty?

Hi Bigpicture!

I work at Operation Room for 7years then ER,ICU in general hospital. I am not a specialty. I think, It is different about RN between U.S and Japan. One day, when I was pregnant and deliveried my daughter, I was very impressed for the clearly-defined role between nurse and nurse assistant. Also, there are some kinds of specialty courses for nurses.

Pardon me if I used ungrammatical sentenses.


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Hi Jenette,

Thank you for replaying soon. I'd like to come and explorer here.

I need take time to check english meaning by dictionary sometime.

I feel that I will enjoy to find and learn something here!


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Hi aimeee,

Thank you for replay to me.

Actually,I feel like a baby after I moved to The United State.

I really don't know about how to get a job,daycare for my daughter, etc, etc... Well, putting aside my problems. I just have to do my best for study :)

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Harusea, when you are in school, please don't be shy about asking questions in class, especially if you don't completely understand what the teacher means. I believe I have heard that in the Japanese culture it is considered rude for students to ask questions, but here students are expected to do that and it is very much encouraged.

Most schools also have counselors who will help you find information about jobs that are available. The school looks better if they can say that a very high percentage of their graduates found employment, so most of them do everything they can to help you in finding a job.

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a Michigan nurse, graduate of Harper Hospital and currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I own the first school of its type in the country, we have a specialized program teaching "Conversational English for the Healthcare Provider. It is open to nurses and physicians who are taking care of English-speaking patients here or wish to move to the US. We also are able to accept students from all over the world.

Nice to meet all of you...........................

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