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I am currently in minnesota working in gyn. onc. I am looking to work in sidney, australia. First time using an agency. Please offer of any advice. :) :)

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Hi Mara!!! If you want to register in Australia the links are in a "sticky" thread at the top of the forum. There are lots and lots of agencies here. Any other info you need just post here and I am sure one of us will answer.


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Hi Gwenith,

Thanks for the info. I am wondering about a certain agency. Can I say the name on here? I was wondering if there is a way to check out agencgies for complaints. Any ideas? What are the nursing conditions like there? I think in Minnesota, I am pretty lucky. Thanks Mara

gwenith, BSN, RN

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You can say th ename you just can't advertise:D Difference being - if you are not getting personal gain i.e. sometimes we get people who own agencies mentioning the agency each time they post - that is a no no :nono: but lots of people ask if this agency or that one is OK:D

Since Sydney is not my city one way of checking might be to Email the ANF (Australian Nursing Federation - link at the top of the page). You will probably HAVE to join the ANF anyway - whether or not you believe in "unions" - our unions carry our professional insurance.

There have been a few Sydneysiders posting here recently so why don't you start a thread with the title "working in Sydney" and ask all the questions you want including places to stay. You don't want to move out to here to find you are living in the middle of the equivalent of downtown Chicago! (No offence but I heard it is fairly rough there)

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