HHS opens office to study Long Covid affecting 7+ million in U.S., NIH begins clinical trials

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Biden administration opens new office to study long COVID response, NIH begins clinical trials

An estimated 7.7. million to 23 million Americans have long COVID.


The Biden administration announced Monday it is forming a new Office of Long COVID Research and Practice to study the condition and help those who have been diagnosed with it....

..."The Office of Long COVID Research and Practice will enhance efforts being undertaken across the U.S. government to improve the lives of those who continue to experience the long-term impacts of the worst public health crisis in a century," HHS Secretary Admiral Rachel Levine said in a statement....

...A CDC survey last year found 81% of adults with ongoing symptoms of COVID lasting three months or longer -- or four out of five adults -- are experiencing limitations in their daily activities compared to before they had the virus. Additionally, 25% said they were experiencing significant limitations....

...The HHS also announced Monday that the National Institutes of Health is launching long COVID clinical trials through the RECOVER Initiative, which seeks to understand, treat and prevent long COVID....

Further info at HHS Long Covid press release:

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